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About Us

Investing in your first property can be an exciting but big step, but it is also the most significant step towards independent wealth and a secure future that you will ever make! Buying your second and subsequent properties is just smart! 


Property has a proven track record. Going back to over a century it has consistently doubled in value every 7 to 10 years. Queensland has by no doubt the lowest prices, best ROI and bang for your dollar.


Nothing is ever risk free but if you understand to go in with a long term attitude and make sure that you can make your mortgage repayments should you not have a tenant for a month, then property falls in the category of calculated risk. With landlord insurance in place your risks are even lower. 


This is why we search out the properties that are in suburbs where your tenants will want to live and pay a premium rent for that lifestyle. Low vacancy rates are property and a suburbs best feature. We can also help with interest free loans for up to 20% deposit for 3 to 5 years on participating properties, so you can finally get your foot in the door. (Conditions apply, of course)

Why buy New? Well there are many great reasons but the two most valuable to you as the owner is the fact that tenants prefer to pay more to live in the style and luxury that a brand new home offers. SO important! Secondly is the generous tax depreciation allowances that can save you heaps as well as first home buyer grants. Please check with your tax agent as to how much benefit you can get.


Our Mission Statement is to search for the Best Locations, Value And Highest Return On Investment for our investor clients and owner occupiers. Let us find THE dream property that you are looking for. 

Make an appointment with myself or one of our friendly agents and tell us what YOU want and we'll find it!


Happy hunting,


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